Clean Up This Mess!

Clean The Mess:

Are you behind?  Stressed out?  Do you want to get caught up on your bookkeeping, government filings, but are having trouble because you just don’t know where to begin?    Is the stress becoming unbearable?  Do you even know how far behind you are?  This is costing you reputation, jobs and ultimately money.

It’s time to have a professional take over.  Concentrate on what you do best, breathe a sigh of relief and regain control of your life and your business.

Let the specialists clean this up.

Call FBZ Accounting Solutions


Your Plan:

Help is here and upon contracting Faye (formerly FBZ Accounting Solutions) your company pays an initial retainer deposit based on the perceived work.  The work that is completed is billed against that deposit. Your company tops up the deposit on a scheduled monthly cycle.

We find out where you are at and what is required.   Once we understand what is needed, we come up with a plan to get you compliant, estimate the cost of the work required and determine how long it will take based on affordability and your monthly fee plan.



Initial Consultation $100.00 + HST (one-time fee)
Set up of Incorporated Company: $350.00 + HST (one-time fee)
Sole Proprietorship/Partnership: $275.00 + HST (one-time fee)
Bookkeeping $65.00 per hour + HST
Controllership: $80.00 per hour + HST
Consulting: $125.00 per hour + HST
Travelling billed at Bookkeeping hourly rate + mileage


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