Are you investing in your business and yourself?

I have wanted to reach high heights in my business for some time and I always have, but not at the speed I have so desired!  And this year with my time being so cramped, with the delightful additions of our two children into our personal family (which has only been a blessing and I would not change it for the world) and with my husband receiving a new job in a new city and being away throughout the week, myself running a business, being a new single mom, packing up a house and always be in growth mode (that’s my head and my heart)… I thought I was going to lose it!  Someone STOP THE TRAIN!  (Oh dear, I had to take a breath after reading that back to myself)!  Well my friends, if you don’t believe that your personal life can affect your business life, and then I am afraid, you’re in for a world of surprise and a rapidly declining bottom line!

With all of this going on, I needed to reach out!  I needed the right help and I needed it fast or I could envision myself reverting into former shell of myself (starting over)… NO THANK YOU.  I consider it a blessing to always be in growth mode and learning.  SO… Onwards and Upwards!  It was time to invest in my business BY investing in myself!  I needed help, focus, energy and I needed it NOW!

I decided to invest in a personal program and books and step by step, it allowed me to refocus, reanalyze (in a healthy way) and take back control over my life, my circumstances, my sanity (YES, my sanity – I’ve never been so grateful for that) and my business.

After I completed that program, I sat back and took stock, I realized how much more I needed to learn in order to achieve my goals, what was going wrong in my thinking (this is a biggie), what kind of support and encouragement I needed and where exactly my learning curves were and thus, I invested in another program.  A marketing program.  Wow, it changed my world again!

Confessing that I am not a marketing guru, should be no shock to you.  I am in the Accounting field, not marketing.  But I needed to understand the marketing process at some level in order that I could invest my money and time into implementing the right strategies to bring in the right clients (we’ll do another blog post on the wrong clients and how they affect your bottom line) that I truly desired and obtain and invest in the right support to allow this.

I am currently looking at two further programs to invest in and it is an investment in changing behaviors, mindset, leadership, launching new products and creating business maps and also perspective to allow me to open my mind to new possibilities and implement new strategies in my business (thus improving my business and how I manage that business and my time) and to fine hone and gain further clarity in my outcomes.  As a side note… you cannot achieve a goal without first knowing what outcome you want.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking, Faye, this is all fine and good but what does it have to do with your accounting practices, tracking, analyzing etc..?  Ah ha!  Now we’re talking turkey!  Let’s break it down:

  • By becoming clearer on what I want (my end goal), by knowing where I need to be to achieve this goal, I know the right support needed for my personal and professional needs.
  • By learning how to surpass my current limitations (investing in another service provider for support and/or hiring additional staff and I’m not just throwing money around looking for change, it is strategic);
  • By knowing where I need to invest my funds (sometimes reworking or even adding expenses for a greater outcome);

I AM EMPOWERED to make more financially responsible decisions that do the following…

  • I become worth more as a service provider and consultant;
  • I am able to help raise the sophistication level of my clients in order for them to achieve their bottom line dreams/goals;
  • I am able to point my clients in the right directions apart from our service offerings;
  • I can improve my business and thus my profits!
  • I can attract the new clientele that I want,
  • I am able to implement programs in my business that add more value to for my clients;

AND your worth, your end product, your value, your offerings and the time you spend on delivering this directly AFFECT your bottom line!

So is it time to start measuring yourself?  Is it time to invest in your personal and professional growth and reap the Return On Investment?

I think we all know the answer to that question!

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  1. Hello Faye

    I think your theme of “investing in your business” is an excellent approach in selling the FAM.

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