Are You On A Hamster Wheel?

Have you ever asked yourself why something you had planned did not work out? Have you even gone so far as to do an analysis, write a list of all that has gone wrong or right?  Reviewed your intentions in achieving that goal or objective?  I have and in fact, I was going through this exercise myself over the course of a few weeks and came to a HUGE realization.

It wasn’t about what I did right or wrong or the true and good intentions that I had, it suddenly dawned on me that I had lost sight of my end goals and objectives.  I became stuck on my short term goals becoming frustrated and fixating on one problem which resulted in being caught up on a hamster wheel and losing sight of that big picture.

I had put more energy and time into situations that seemed more important in the moment, but really didn’t matter in the long term.  Each time I went through this process and it can happen all the time in business, it continuously has taken me away from my end objective. On and on I turned on that wheel resulting in financial loss and intense frustration.

As business owners, we need to be clear about what it is that we want our businesses to do for us.  What do we want this to look like?  What is it that we’re trying so hard to achieve?  Analysis of different situations is important, but it always needs to tie back to our long term goals.  Short term goals are the steps and peaks we need to take in order to reach that ultimate goal.

One of the best scenarios I can think of is weight loss.  If I ultimately want health and I ultimately want to lose 50 lbs and my sub-goals are the 10 lbs marks, being stuck on not meeting that goal of 10 lbs within a certain time frame and fixating on it will not help me reach my ultimate goal.  In fact the very fixation of the not achieving the 10 lbs mark in a certain time frame may discourage me so much that I give up.

So do you know your end goal or objective?  How often do you review it and do you know what it is that you want from your business or are you stuck fixating on a particular problem and becoming frustrated?  Is there an easier way to do this?  Expanding your horizons to the end dream past the here and now can help you push past the day to day issues faster.  The result?  Greater business achievement, a sense of fulfillment and ultimately a better bottom line.


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