What is AT LEAST one beautiful, positive thing you can you tell me about you?  Seriously!  I want to know!  Send me a text, give me an email or call me, I’d love to hear!

I can tell you in all sincerity that I am passionate, strong, determined, giving and for some reason, I have an incredible amount of faith and hope built into my core.  There are many things I could tell you about who I AM, but if you want to know ask or even better observe!  That’s what I do to you!  Did you know that?

I don’t care about what other people say or don’t say about you.  I can see on my own.  And who cares what others think anyway?  You’re on your own journey.   Your outcomes are yours and yours alone.  You’re growing and learning as you go, we all do.  But my question is… do you know you?

Hey everyone, I’ve missed you!  Work and life has been pretty busy of late, but I’ve also been processing a lot of lessons and information and trying to find out what to say and how to say it.  I’ve written you over 30 blog posts in the last three weeks, but no matter how much I wrote, there was always something more to say… something I was missing in telling you before the other posts.  Something I had to process further before I felt I could authentically relay it to you.
There is also a logical sequence to this.  And it’s always best to work from the ground up.  Firm foundations are so important!

Now you might be wondering, has Faye officially cracked?  Ha ha and I would totally get that, but I want you to bear with me.  There is a method to my madness.  I own it!  I am purposely writing to you more from a psychological stand-point than an Accounting seat.  I truly believe that is where success lies, not in accounting (SAY WHAT?).  The Accounting comes into play.  But all of this?  It’s about SUSTAINABLE success.



Building sustainable success takes time.  No short cuts.  Just like diets (blech so glad I am done with that).  I’m not going to tell you it’s easy.  However, very doable and completely manageable one step at a time.  And the faster you learn that, the faster you arrive at your destination.

Success (in whatever area of your life) comes from the understanding that the biggest thing you will wrestle with, is yourself.  You see, in now over eight years of business I noticed something… I noticed whether it be life or business that the small things, our actions, habits and belief systems add up to a bigger picture (and it shows itself in your accounting by the way).  It’s kind of like putting together a large puzzle without a clear picture to reference.



As we are all trying to build our own life and business puzzles we all start from different places.  Each of us struggle in different areas and at different points, but we all struggle at some point with something.  Someone can come along and help us put in some pieces, but we build the core and the outline.  If we don’t get the outline and the core of the puzzle, we’ll always be in a place of frustration and that puzzle will never complete the way we want it to.

I have served hundreds of clients over the years now.  I have been brought in and asked to help turn around businesses in distress over and over again generally fixing the accounting mess and building action plans around that mess, I do it with a team and these messes can happen to anyone.  in fact, it usually does in some shape or form.

And over the course of working with businesses in distress or needing a major overhaul (including my own), I realized it isn’t about the mess you created for yourself (Yes you did whether directly or indirectly!  Own it), it’s about what is at the bottom of the mess.  What started it to begin with?




We could say you weren’t organized, or you didn’t know what you were doing, or you got distracted or you went through a rough time in your life, or someone did something to you… SO many excuses to pick from.  Hey, been there done that (and sometimes still struggle with it).  And logistically they all may be valid.

But, those things are never going to change my friend.  I wish they would, truly.  I wish other people would have more understanding, stop being ignorant, that people wouldn’t be abused, have rough upbringings, that you wouldn’t have “that tendency”, that life wouldn’t throw you that curve ball, that you knew and understood all of the ins and outs of business and life.  I wish we were all shiny happy people holding hands! (sorry can’t help the musical references).

There is ALWAYS SOMETHING or SOMEONE to blame.  But that doesn’t help our outcomes.  The only thing that helps our outcomes is US!  The only thing we have control over.  That is the only way to take back your power.  To evoke positive change in our lives and businesses.


Well, I could tell you to read a million books, take a million courses and hire a million different professionals, or I could tell you something really simple and you can action it.

And if you don’t listen, if you don’t action what I’m going to tell you, money and potentially your business will fly out of your hands.  You will continue to make poor choices instead of growing into greater ones.  You will self-sabotage (cough none of us do that right?) and at some point, the fuel will run out and the train will just stop.

Here you go (that was a long lead up right?  But you need to get it).  TO THINE OWNSELF BE TRUE.  Oh my word, are you serious Faye?  That’s it?  YA, it is!  THAT’S IT!



There’s the giant lesson!  Inside and out and live it!  Be it!  TO THE CORE!  Even when it makes you feel a little uncomfortable, learn to be comfortable in it.

When we (and yes I am including myself in this whole heartedly) stop learning about ourselves or do not know ourselves on a deep level, success will avail you.  You will be the plague to success in whatever way that means to you!  You will likely feel really bad about yourself as well.

When you don’t know you.  Who you are, what you stand for, what you don’t stand for, what’s ok, what’s not ok, you become wishy washy.  It takes away our decision making powers and abilities.  It takes us away from the right opportunities and puts us directly in front of the wrong ones.  We are led down paths that we never intended for ourselves and say how in the hell did I get here?  Simple… because you didn’t know YOU.

When I am not me, or I try and change myself for others, when I people please (oh yes that can be a major problem), or I try to please too many people, when I attempt to appear as though I am not,  I accept things into my business and life that I don’t really want.  It takes away from clarity, passion and purpose.




So have I driven my point home?  Get to know you.  For Pete’s sake this is probably the hardest and best lesson I or anyone else can teach you.  Write down the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The wonderful too!  This is how you get clear.  This comes before the business plan, the road map, even the dream.  It allows me and it will allow you to build the life and business that we dream of.  It starts to bring clarity to a very fuzzy overall big puzzle picture.

The other upside to this?  You are going to repel people and opportunities like someone who hasn’t showered in months.  It is the most incredible thing really!  The more I am me.  The more the wrong people and opportunities are repelled by me.  That’s because what I attract is a reflection of me!  The more I am me, the more the RIGHT opportunities and people come into my life.  I hope that says something about you too!




OK… ready to get to know you?  If so, here’s a first step….  I want you to go to the dollar store.   Buy a notebook (best investment you can make, I have a lot myself).  Get a pretty one or a manly one.  Whatever you want.

I want you to fill the pages as you think about it (contractor’s, don’t wuss out, you too), bring it with you to work, put it in your purse or satchel, briefcase, wherever, keep it on you.  You don’t have to tell anyone that you’re doing soul work… if they ask, saying you’re working on a new business idea (you are).  Sit down on the couch exhausted at night and write a few lines.


Your title?          WHO AM I?

If you don’t know, start writing who you are not.  I don’t care how you approach it.  Just do it.  Write down the things you love… while you’re at it, write down the things you hate (LIVER & ONIONS or gasp BOOKKEEPING), activities you love or hate, they will all clarify your picture.

Look in your closet…. What do you love?  What don’t you love?  What do your things say about you?  Take inspiration!  What do you imagine yourself loving?  Write it all down.  These are the things standards are made of.  This is what will lead us to the next step!

Oh… and if you’ve done this before?  DO IT AGAIN!  This is a lifelong process, a journey.  Keep going back to the basics and you will learn new tricks and levels each time!

In the meantime, I’ll be observing you.  Will you do the same for me?

With deepest love for you and your business!
Xxoo Faye