Finding a Great Bookkeeper

I am often in consultations throughout the business week, if not touching base with my clientele and reviewing staff submissions to ensure they are correct! We are very diligent here at FBZ Accounting Solutions!!!

One thing that I noticed in several consultations throughout my career is small business interviewing skills. When we meet, I certainly expect you to ask me questions and to ask for references which we are always happy to give. Something that never ceases to amaze and discourage me is some of the interview questions I am asked which is why I am adding to my blog and sharing some tips with you the business owner.

It is not the best idea to ask yes or no questions and in fact, I do not expect that the owner would know everything about what it is that we do. However, asking simple questions such as do you know how to do this or that does not lend itself to a proper answer, and most importantly, it does not tell the owner whether or not that individual is qualified.

If you ask me if I know how to log a general journal entry, my response will be, yes! Now, I certainly will take the opportunity to expand on this and tell you how I would do it, but again, that does not tell you if I am a qualified bookkeeper.

Tip #1: Get your bookkeeper referrals from people who have been happy with their bookkeeper for some time. Do you know these individuals in business and how are they qualified to tell if they have a good or a bad bookkeeper? Have they been with that bookkeeper for any amount of time and has their Accountant made any mention of the bookkeeper or the state the books are in when they have been submitted.

Tip #2: Get a referral from your Accountant. Chances are she or he knows someone who is qualified that they have worked with for some time and they know their work. You cannot expect the Accountant to guarantee the work, but you can ask for a recommendation!

Tip #3: Ask your Accountant for some questions to ask your bookkeeper when interviewing them. Ask them for the answers as well as an explanation of what they are speaking of so that you understand and can determine whether or not we know what we are truly talking about. Ask your Accountant for specific questions in relation to your industry. There are little hidden things we should all know about different businesses. Law offices are different from retail stores, farms are different than an accounting firm. But Why?

Tip #4: Call the references! Everyone tells us to do this, but often in a state of hurry, we do not. Check them out! A bad bookkeeper can cost you a lot of money with no legal recourse!

Tip #5: In your first year with a bookkeeper, do not hesitate to ask your Accountant to review the books midway through the year. This could save you a huge expense! There could be unfinished work, however, if the majority of the work is clean, the Accountant will be able to tell you this! It’s worth the price of a review as you want to build a long term relationship with your bookkeeper! If you have a bad egg, better to find out now than at tax time deadline!

Tip #6: Call FBZ Accounting Solutions, we are qualified bookkeepers who care about the best interests of our clients over our own! We have references and referral sources as well as excellent qualifications!

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