The Start of FBZ Accounting Solutions

FBZ was born in November 2007 as the owner Faye Zevenbergen was working for a local Accounting Firm as the head controller. It was Faye’s duty to handle large, high end client files, oversee and assist the in house bookkeeping staff with their roles and responsibilities, conducting year end reviews, audits and finalization of accounts for tax purposes. During that time many small business owners would pour into the office at tax time.

Over and over again, Faye’s frustration mounted as it was apparent small business owners were paying bookkeepers to prepare their books and yet, they were a mess. What should have been a team process for more financial success became a complicated disaster. Business owners were paying for a service and product with little to no value and no warning of potential money owed to Canada Revenue Agency.

Business owners needed educating and responsible guidance to overcome to common short comings from traditional bookkeepers. Problems with communication, transparency, flow of information and understanding. Many business owners were not receiving their financial statements, let alone conversing with their accounting professionals about strategies, best practices and cash flow, (thus creating an in effective business cycle and hindering growth). Through this discovery and personal passion, Faye’s love story and FBZ Accounting Solutions began.


desparate business owner


It is the passion and purpose of FBZ Accounting Solutions to stop the missed growth opportunities and positively impact business financial worlds through information, transparency, understanding, management and business financial mastery.