It’s 2016 and are you frustrated with lack of business growth, development and your numbers coming into alignment?  Are you ready to reset and recommit in 2016?  Have you sat down and planned out your year?

Ya, I didn’t think so and you know what?  Scrap all that nonsense, it rarely works, time to release all of those preset outcomes and look at this puppy with fresh eyes.

I want to share with you some of what happened with me in my 2015 year, take that and apply it to 2016. For 2015, I once again sat down and made these beautiful goals and preset my expectations.  Failed MISERABLY!  But better still came…

You see, 2015 was a huge year for me personally. A year of growth, change, transformation all those things you wish for a year to be (and not be).

My world came crashing down.  My 10 year marriage ended, I had to learn to stand on my own two feet again now with two young children and had a house to take care of on my own.  I am not telling you this so we can all have a sob together or so that anyone feels bad for me, I want to tell you the result has been greater than I ever imagined and how in spite of, I achieved greater than I could have planned for.


The term Accounting Controller (take out the accounting) suits me to a tea.  My best friend laughed when she heard this term.  You, Controller?  NEVER!  (insert massive sarcasm).  I want to know the outcome of everything.  I want to know what is coming down the pike and I want to plan everything to work out for my own initiatives. Makes sense right?  I mean who doesn’t?

But let me share with you something I have heard a lot. “Control is an Illusion” (unknown author) and someone once said that to me and added “I am a Master Illusionist”.  Ok, now I’m laughing.

Well, come on, let’s get real.  Does it ever work?  We can predict a lot with numbers, but until the results are in, we truly cannot plan the final result (which means we’re reactive, not proactive).  So let’s change our mindset.


Well in 2015 I wanted to start feeling better about myself.  In fact, the result is, I lost a lot of weight (yeah!)  In order to achieve this I determined instead of saying I had to lose x amount of pounds, I would seek something different.

I sought health, vitality, peace, improved self esteem and well I am kind of a superficial girl, I sought to improve my appearance.  Result?  I released x lbs (ok never mind you have to ask me personally, but it was alot), I stopped smoking, I exercise regularly and I’m not looking half bad.  I succeeded!

You see, I released the specific result (the number of pounds) and envisioned what I wanted to feel like, look like, be capable of and who knows what that looks like, so stop trying to control it!

By changing my mindset, I was able to dig deeper, walk into my fears and I discover a strength I never realized I possessed.  I grew!  I started creating sustainable habits, use my own tendencies, strengths and weaknesses to my advantage and achieve excellence.

So as hard as this year was or wasn’t, mountains have been climbed. There are and will be many more to climb, but I am stronger, smarter and better for it.  I am more prepared to make that next mountain easier to scale.

That is what business is about.  Just like life, it is a journey.  Towards what?  You need to answer that one yourself.

So all of this had me thinking of new beginnings, growth, and what of these New Years resolutions anyway?

Each year I read countless articles, blogs etc… on all of this and I laugh (because I have tried so many times… just say no to that, or cut back this or stop that)… and it never worked!  I have great resolve, passion, determination and yet I continued to fail, feel bad about myself and you know what?  I am so sick of that, aren’t you?

I am a good person who tries their best daily and although not successful in everything, I really try hard and I bet you do too.  But I want to see the results!


So since October 2014, (prejump on 2015) when I felt I could take no more, my body literally breaking down, life becoming unbearable, I decided I was going to start doing things differently.

I didn’t know what it was going to look like in the end and I still don’t, but knew I had to start somewhere.  In changing my mindset, releasing the outcome, I stopped cutting out bad choices and habits and instead, I added in a positive choice/habit.

Example… after every coffee (I was a giant coffee addict), I added in a glass of water (oh ya and I added the flavor stuff to the water too makes it easier to drink)… instead of just saying, I have to quit smoking, after every craving or cigarette I had, I did 10 of something (push-ups, tricep dips, jumping jacks – whatever doesn’t matter).


Eventually, the bad stuff started falling away (that’s right, I didn’t quit anything, it just started falling away on it’s own)…. In it’s place were left new habits, good habits, healthful loving habits that propelled me towards my better choices and ultimately my goals instead of making me feel frustrated and desperate.

Fall off the bandwagon?  Now it is so much easier to get back on.  I simply consciously revert towards those habits and positive choices I had previously established!  Don’t beat yourself up if you slip.  Reestablish the habit (it catches on quicker the next time).


So my question to you is… instead of making a New Years Resolution this year that likely won’t stick or determining specific outcomes, what new, positive business choice or habit(s) can you start to add in slowly?  What would bring you great value, success and financial abundance?  What do you want your business or life or both to really look like, feel like, just be?

Release that specific outcome of you cannot be happy if you do not achieve gross sales of $5 million by the end of the year, instead focus on increasing your sales or increasing your net.  Break it down and establish the choices and habits that go along with that.

Ask yourself, what is it that you could start to add in on a daily basis that will transform your world, personally or professionally?  I guarantee, if you do this, you will achieve greater business financial success in 2016 than you have ever achieved before. Track the habits, the day to day, keep your eye on the prize, but focus on each step.

Throw out those horrid resolutions that are just going to leave you feeling terribly about yourself.  Life, success, business is all about small daily habits and choices. Simple as that and hard as that.

Start small, one step at a time.

Here is to a great 2016 of New Small Daily Positive Habits that are going to propel you into incredible business growth.

And Please, feel free to share with me how I can help you with that, because for all that I have done in the past year, there have been a team of supporters and helpers behind me, just showing up at the right times!

Lots of Love and Success!