Self Employed, or Business Owner?

Do you want to be self employed or do you want to be a business owner?

So often we confuse the two and why?  Are self-employed individuals not the same as a business owner?  After all, they may register their business, report on their income tax return a statement of business earnings and expenses, hold onto their receipts and invoices and submit it for processing at the end of the year.  So why are the self employed not business owners and why are business owners not self employed?  What in the world is the difference?

I will sum up the difference for you very simply, the difference is…. Vision!

When you registered your “business”, what was your Vision?

Did you see yourself happily working away on your own, no one telling you what to do, being acknowledged for your own ideas, thoughts and perceptions about how business should be and run, taking vacation without permission, having freedom and flexibility?


Did you see yourself in a building surrounded by busily working employees, your own office, making decisions about the bottom line, signing off on the new marketing plan, reviewing the work of your subordinates and looking for growth opportunities to get bigger and also having freedom and flexibility.

So my friends, what are you?  Are you self employed?  OR are you a business owner?  Are you ready to take the step from that of the self-employed to business ownership?  Is that what you really want?  It’s ok to be self-employed, there is nothing wrong with it, but the true income, the true growth and the big opportunities lie in business ownership…. Take a look at the differences between self employed and business ownership while asking yourself what you want to be.




Generally One Person (self employed individual) or a small partnership.


No cap on the amount of individuals
All responsibility lies on your shoulder.


Each individual has responsibility and therefore can be delegated to


Your income is capped because your time is capped!  Struggle to create passive income streams (but not impossible!)


Your income is not capped because you are making income from others that work for you to cover expenses and generate profit and you have more freedom in creating passive income streams!


Freedom?  Not as much, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid!


Freedom?  Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of hard work here, but if you need to take time away, there are others that can manage what you do for at least a time!


Other Services… very difficult to afford and you have to be very careful with how you spend your dollar


With money comes choices, choices of the best service providers, the best information, higher chances of success and making your money work for you!


Ideas?  They are all yours!!!! Ideas?  They are yours and others!  Capitalize on the power of team work!