Sexy Accounting?

Sexy Accounting?

Do you gulp in dismay when it’s time to pay your Accounting Bill?  The very thought of spending money on your accounting is probably the least inspiring thing that you could think of when it comes to running your business.

It’s not as flashy as that new piece of technology that promises to make your practices more efficient.  It’s not as pretty as your new brochure or splashy sign that is frankly inspiring, helping you announce your business offerings, message and mission to the world!

But… I am here to tell you to start getting excited when it’s time to pay that bill and pick up your financial statements because Accounting is Very Sexy!  WHAT?????

Need a Change in Perception?  Let me share my top 10 ways Accounting Can be Sexy and Call us If you desire to be even sexier!

#10:     Want to feel like the powerful CEO of your business?  Sexy, Accurate Accounting records can do this and there is nothing more powerful than an entrepreneur who knows their numbers, is in complete charge and can make fast easy decisions!

#9:       Don’t want to be mired down in the day to day, month to month?  Think Sexy, hire yourself a great bookkeeper and get your sales mojo on and increase your sales!  Learn to read and understand your financial statements!  Knowledge = Power and Power = Sexy!

#8:       Want to master negotiator and get the best value for your business?  Your current and past financial numbers can help you decide what something is worth to you and the value you received from it and what you may want to pay for it!  Not over (or under) paying for something is very Sexy!

#7:       Want to feel well rested, less stress and give that special person in your life the very best you?  Knowing your numbers will help you reduce your stress and allow you to easily expand or shrink your practices when needed!  Less stress?  Happier Person?  On top of your game?  Very Sexy!

#6:       Want to save for business expansion (wow, I just got chills up and down my spine…) entrepreneurs like to try new things in their business, know your numbers, what your expansion or new project will cost and work it back into your business budget and go for it!  Adventure is very Sexy!

#5:       Dividends, Salary? To buy or to lease?  To hire or subcontract?  Clear options and choices make for good decisions… Decisive People?  Sexy!

#4:       The right accounting help can help you form great habits from the start of business instead of trying to work off bad business flab which is so much harder!  Good Business Practices will make you Sexy to everyone!

#3:       Need to make a business model change?  Play with your cash flow to make it work because you have something unexpected coming down the pike?!  Not only survive the unexpected but use it to your advantage with your business numbers!  That is Ultra Sexy!

#2:       Want to invest in a new piece of equipment or other capital asset including investments and find out the what if scenarios?  You can enlist your bookkeeper /controller to provide the information and analysis you need to seek investment capital, business loans and great financial freedom!  Now that is totally Sexy!

#1:       Knowing your numbers, staying on top of your business game along with the right help and changes in business practices such as when you collect and pay receivables can put a lot more money in your pocket!! And there is nothing Sexier than that!

Want to get your Sexy Accounting self on?  Call us and Book a Consultation at (705) 719-9606!